Powerful video may change the way you view healthy eating

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Volunteering with the Habit

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The Fantastical World Of Hormones – BBC Documentary

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Sugar: The Bitter Truth

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Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease

‘These are not diseases of bad genes alone or diseases caused by the environment, but diseases of a bad interaction between genes and the environment.’ ‘Humans were genetically selected for...... Read More

My Best Broccoli Soup Yet

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Moving My Fanny: Hiking Jack’s River Trail

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Moving My Fanny – 6/2/15

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Motivation: Believe in Your Dreams

What’s your dream? Afraid of getting outside the comfort zone?  I understand this really well. I have been in this boat since December 2014. It is not easy. We must...... Read More


KNOWLEDGE + ACTION = POWER! I encourage you make time on a daily basis to enhance your knowledge in various topics of health, wellness, and fitness. This will enable you...... Read More