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Howdy! It’s Maria, your holistic health and insulin resistance coach and personal trainer at I would like to take a few minutes to answer potential questions you may have about the upcoming 5-Day Intermittent Fasting (IF) Challenge I’m offering YOU for FREE.

My goal is to make you feel comfortable about what you’re getting into it or really to actually motivate you to join because I’m really excited about it. So let’s just start with the basics.

First of all, this five-day IF Challenge is going to be based on educating and giving you guidance about it whether you have not done IF or whether I can help you take it to the next level from what you are doing right now or did it in the past.

In a nutshell, IF is a lifestyle practice you choose the number of hours you will fast and feed. There are different types of IF. The method/type I will introduce you to is one of the healthiest and most discussed types amongst health practitioners. Part one: during the hours you fast, you drink water and avoid all sorts of foods or beverages with calories or those who induce insulin. Part two: during your feeding hours, you will eat. You will learn a great deal of how, what, when, why during the challenge.


Challenge Structure

Let’s talk about the structure of the challenge. Live educational sessions will be done daily via Facebook Live. If you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry about it. I’m going to be recording the sessions, upload them to YouTube, and share a link with you daily.

During the five days, you will receive daily emails and scorecards so you can keep track of a few awesome items that will reflect the daily theme. That will allow you to measure where you are, where you going, and your progress.

Again, the live sessions will be done on Facebook closed group Be Fab – Be You Tribe. The recordings will be available to you. In case you are not a Facebook member, you will not miss anything. Plus, you can email me questions in advance, I will answer them live, and you will get the answers in the next video.


Challenge 5-Day Topic Breakdown

On Day One, we will be about what intermittent fasting is and what your starting point is. What I mean is that there are variations and number of hours you will fast. This is not a hardcore intermittent fasting which you must follow specific guidelines strictly. You get to choose your starting point. The true benefits of intermittent fasting happen when a person chooses to incorporate it into their lifestyle. Let’s put this way. If currently, you do not go on without food for more than eight hours (during your sleep), we will get you to space it out gradually. The bottom line is, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT! Do not fear something you have not tried yet. We can do about anything we want when we decide to do so. I will guide you through the process.

On Day Two, we will focus on the health benefits intermittent fasting may offer and what your commitments will be for this health journey that you’re going to start with me. What kinda of diseases are you trying to prevent? What kind of diseases are you trying to manage? What kind of health challenges are you trying to STAY AWAY FROM, right? Or you could be joining to simply to boost your energy, health, stamina, and clarity.

On Day Three, we’re going to talk about Intermittent Fasting and Nutrition. I do not recommend anybody start intermittent fasting with a protocol of foods to eat or not eat. We will start with spacing your fast, give you enough information to make progress, set your intentions, then, I will general guidelines to help you build a nutritional template that works for you. Right now, don’t worry about the nutrition portion of the chalenge. Plan that you’re going to eat whatever you’re eating today.

On Day Four, we’re going to talk about Intermittent Fasting and Exercise. Can you exercise or intermittent fasting? What is the best types of exercises during fasting? How and when do you fit that in your day?

On Day Five, we will talk about strategies to get you going forward. Again, if you have never done intermittent fasting, I would encourage you to join this challenge anyway. This is a safe environment for you to learn and apply techniques and apply as much as you want to. The benefits of intermittent fasting are when added to our lifestyle are fantastic.


Challenge FAQ

I will answer a few questions that you may have before you sign-up for the challenge >>> Sign-up to the Challenge NOW at

1) Who should not do intermittent fasting? Pregnant women; women who are breastfeeding; people who are underweight, and children under the age of 18. Now, if a teenager has obesity and is overweight, I would encourage the parents to join to and learn some of these techniques, especially what we will cover on nutrition.

You will require supervision if you are taking medication, have Diabetes Type I and Type II, have gout or reflux. You can join and do intermittent fasting but you need to consult with your physician. You may ask whether you need to take the medication during the hours you are expected to fast. And if you do need to take the medications and with food is best, you can eat leafy greens. It does brake the fast but with minimum impact.

There are considerable benefits of intermittent fasting for people with Type II diabetes. Yet, you do want to be careful because of hypoglycemia.

2) Will fasting put me into a starvation mode? No. The body has its own ways to regulate itself. You will learn more about that. Your body will burn glycogen, amino acids, stored fat, and so on. So do not worry about starving and breaking down muscle tissues.

3) Will I be able to exercise during the fast. Yes, you can exercise. You are going to learn a few tricks about what kind of exercises during short and prolonged fasting. I don’t stop my exercise routine during intermittent fasting. You’re not going to destroy your muscle tissues. The body is going to adapt and burn stored fat for energy.

4) Is fasting the same thing as calorie reduction? No. It quite different. You may not eat as much, but that’s not the intention. We’re talking about adjusting the hours that you eat in order to optimize your body. Fasting it’s not a caloric restriction diet and I do not refer to fasting as a diet. I recommend fasting as a long-term approach to anyone’s lifestyle.

5) Will I lose weight? Generally, yes, people do lose weight because we’re talking about managing and optimizing your insulin levels. And insulin is a fat storage hormone. When we fast, we allow the body to burn more fat.


Challenge FAQ Continued…

6) Will fasting make me cranky? Well, I’m just going to say this, if you’re a cranky person already, maybe it’s going to actually help you improve that because it’s going to help you balance your hormones. But no, generally intermittent fast is not going to make you cranky. We’re going to set your intentions for this challenge, right? You and your body will adapt to this journey. Many people are already doing some kind of fasting, but they don’t realize it. A few tweaks might assure greater optimization and results.

7) Will fasting make me tired? No. Actually, it might give you more energy. However, if you have adrenal fatigue and are exhausted all the time, fasting will often elevate your energy. We will adjust the time of your meals to make sure that you eat in certain times to help you feel well.

8) Will fasting make me confused or forgetful? No. Actually, the opposite as you will balance hormones, allow your brain and body to utilize the glucose in the system, regulate the insulin, and the burn stored fat.

9) Does fast lead to overeating? Well, it can, especially if that’s your first time fasting. If you eat every two to three hours and do not fast for more than eight to ten hours between dinner and breakfast. Again, we’re going to learn the strategies to do this best for you. Plus, even if you overeat, the amount will likely be less than that preceding the fast.

10) How about if I take medication with food? First, you’re going to consult with your doctor, right? If you’re a physician, if you want, you, you need to take those medications too, is if you have to take the medications, then we can put some leafy Greens in there that does break the fast, but it’s so minimal that the side effects are not going the fast, the positive side effects are not going to go away.

11) What if I have diabetes? That’s an important question. You may have heard about fasting for those with diabetes, insulin resistance, prediabetes, for weight loss, etc. As you know, people with diabetes have issues with insulin in the body. That is a very important hormone that helps take glucose to the cells and once in the cells, energy is produced. A person with diabetes type I, she/he must have insulin, otherwise, it can lead to death. So when fast, there is a chance that your blood sugar will go down. If you have either Type I or Type II, you will be talking to your doctor, manage your insulin, track your blood sugar frequently.


I hope answering these questions brings more clarity and get you motivated to embark on this journey with me.


Personal Experiences with IF

A quick note about my history with intermittent fasting. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and that includes short intermittent fasting to longer periods from one up to five days. I did a five day fast between Christmas and New Year’s. It was water throughout the day and about eight ounces of coffee in the morning. Coffee does not break a fast.


Meal After 5-Day Fast - Mari Horstmann - Be Fab - Be You - Healtt Fitness Coach

I have done a five day fast 4-5 times. I have been doing a 24-hour fast weekly in the past two years…I’ve barely missed a week. I have done two days, three days and a variety of hours. I exercise during extended fasting days as well which also give me a boost of energy. Yes, the first time was a little challenging, but then, the body adjusts.

When we decide to experiment with fasting, we need to start slow. I also don’t envision a person who is eating multiple times a day to go into a 24 hour fast or longer without adaptation. If that’s you, we’re going to start at your pace, see where you are at, and I’m going to guide you through the process.


Connect & Sign-Up

I hope this was informative to you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach me at You can join our facebook group tribe. And you can also call me at +1 770-835-5490.

I’m excited to be leading this challenge. I have plenty of experience doing it myself and I have a lot of scientific data to share with you. I hope this has motivated you to join.

Sign-up to the Challenge HERE and I hope to see you at the challenge.

I’m excited to be leading this challenge. I have plenty of experience doing it myself and I have a lot of scientific data to share with you. I hope this has motivated you to join.


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