I met Maria at the 2017 PCOS Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia and was lucky enough to win the 6-week Lifestyle Bootycamp for PCOS Online Group Program with her, which I was very excited about. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself in for, but I knew that I was ready for whatever advice, help, and support she had to offer, which was very transformational for me in my walk and journey with PCOS.

Maria approached health not from a quick fix way, but rather from a very thought-provoking way that was centered around mind, body, values, goals, lifestyle, mindset, positivity, mood, happiness, and determination about what was really important for me to achieve as an individual during this program.

It was centered around moving forward as a group, but also specific to each individual that was involved, which for my group, was about 5 of us. Each week we all met through video chat online and shared ah-ha moments, goals we met, and things we had struggled with during the week.

Maria would give feedback, have us take a “mini-vacation” and then go through one of her different pillars of health (values and goals, healthy diet, water, sleep, stress, exercise) to build a well-rounded foundation for health, wellness, happiness, and joy.

You can tell that Maria is very passionate about her clients and the work that she does. She believes in what she teaches and is always stretching to better herself as well as you. She takes the time to push you forward and hold you accountable to the goals you set out for yourself. I really wanted to gain more control over my body and areas in my life where I felt out of control.

During her program, I felt my heart reawaken to the things I want to get out of life, by becoming aware of my own self-limiting beliefs as well as what I want to get out of life, and what makes me happy. It may seem silly, but taking the time at the beginning of her course to focus on and write down my values and beliefs really helped to center me before the program.

You will definitely get out of the program what you put into it. Maria provides incredible motivation, a lot of helpful resources and insight, and a support group of other women.

I would highly recommend this program for any woman looking to achieve a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, as well as gain more control over her own joy, body, and life. I of course especially recommend it to women who have PCOS as well.

Also as a side note, Maria sent me a sweet card at the New Year for extra motivation, which was unexpected and very sweet! Looking forward to a FABULOUS 2018 and continued involvement in her Facebook and online groups! 

–Jordan Moberg