This is my 4th year using Standard Process 21-day cleanse.  For a good reason, l felt a little different this time around, more like desperate and ready for a thorough and total body cleanse. My approach was to prep mind and soul to stay focus, complete every day staying on course.

The first 3-4 days was a little challenging, l wasn’t craving junk, but l didn’t want to be tempted to want junk. I have been on a daily habit of a sugar overload for 1 1/2 years. During that time l couldn’t lose weight. So I was desperate to reconnect with my trainer Maria Horstmann for help.

My trainer and coach Maria Horstmann owner of Be Fab – Be You, invited me to join a group of her clients for the 21-Day (SP) Standard Process Cleanse. I jumped at the opportunity. I love this cleanse, it makes me feel good on the inside and energizes my body and soul.

As I was committed on staying the course and abiding by the rules that Standard Process includes in the 21 day cleanse kit, in first 7 days of the cleanse l got rid of 8 lbs. By the end of 21 days, I was down 11 lbs, feeling great and looking good. I also worked out with Maria for 3 days during the first week of the cleanse. The last week of the cleanse was ended during my travels, I stayed the course and got rid of 11 lbs.

In addition to all that Maria suggested that include checking my blood sugar levels every day, my blood sugar stays balanced during and after meals.

Shout out to Maria owner of Be Fab Be You for hosting such great programs including blood sugar balance and the 21 day cleanse.

–Kathy Thacker