Hola, I was (am) one of the fortunate people to try the health program with Maria. I am a 43-year-old school teacher with a little boy. As my life gets very busy and at time stressful I never had enough time to care for me in the simplest ways such as working out or go get a massage or even embrace a very healthy diet.

Being Italian and loving food so much I’ve always thought that eating pasta with vegetables is the best choice for eating healthy. Obviously, there is so much more to explore! With Maria, I started the Jumpstart Your Energy and Confidence 30 Day program in March.

I was ready to make some changes in my health, body weight, and daily routine. I entered the program weighing 160 lbs and lost 6 lbs by the end of the month. At first, I entered the program expecting to lose more lbs than I did but as I worked on myself and the goal I realized that it was more about the journey and not the immediate results.

Of course, I gained lots of confidence and learned more structure and awareness about the foods, the exercise, and the stress management. I was getting frequent headaches previously to the program and I informed Maria that this was also a major concern for me to function in my daily tasks. The new lifestyle embraced through the program (daily exercise activities, balanced diet, and more water intake) helped reduce the recurrence of the headaches. Amazing!

What I loved overall about this experience is that Maria pushed me to overcome the obstacles I created in my head. She is also very flexible with her availability and very informed about the program.

Also, she has inspired me to look at this journey, not as a temporary but permanent lifestyle.

–Daniela Abraha, School Teacher

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