Client testimonials diagnosed with PCOS who improved their quality of life including weight loss, improved fitness, blood sugar balance, improved insulin sensitivity, mental health, etc while being guided by Maria Horstmann as their health and fitness coach.

Tackle Core Issues of PCOS for Weight Loss

Maria is a phenomenal personality! Her motivation was crucial for me. Dealing with PCOS is a constant struggle. She helped me understand how to actually tackle the core issues of...... Read More

Lost Weight (11 lbs) and Regained Energy in 21 Days

This is my 4th year using Standard Process 21-day cleanse.  For a good reason, l felt a little different this time around, more like desperate and ready for a thorough...... Read More

Healthy Lifestyle, Control of Own Joy, Body, and Life – PCOS (or Not)

I met Maria at the 2017 PCOS Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia and was lucky enough to win the 6-week Lifestyle Bootycamp for PCOS Online Group Program with her, which I...... Read More

Discovering Imbalances to Succeed while Managing PCOS

The Lifestyle Booty Camp for PCOS Online Group Program was an awesome experience!! I have been struggling through weight loss for a couple of years and was trying to identifying...... Read More

Reclaim Your Energy. Control PCOS, Your Body, and Health

The Lifestyle Booty Camp for PCOS Online Group Program was the answer to questions I’ve had for years. I have struggled most of my life with weight fluctuations and low-energy....... Read More

Energy, Confidence, and Progress

I met Maria at a conference she was speaking over a year ago. We did an in-person coaching session for a few months which was awesome, but after a year...... Read More

My PCOS Road Trip and Pitstops to Healthy LIfestyle

I speak best in metaphors so here is mine about working with Maria. You are going on a road trip, you’re starting place is your current lifestyle, your ending place...... Read More

I Gained Priceless Knowledge, Skills, and Habits For Life

I met Maria at an event she was speaking at. I had recently started a new job, moved back home to Atlanta and got engaged. After a few hectic years...... Read More

Have PCOS? Lose Weight and Feel Great Anyway

Just want to say a big thank you to Maria!! In less than a month she helped me clean up my health and stop my bad eating habits! I have...... Read More