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Rowing Easy 5K – How Are You Moving Your Fanny?

Moving My Fanny: Day 5 = 5K row How did you move your fanny? Friday afternoon, 4/29/16, I felt it was a good day for an easy 5K row. Dragged the rowing machine outside for fresh air, turned my pandora... Read More

Day 4 – Good Basics

Generally, I take day 4 off. I was feeling good and routine was basic, no weight lifting, so I got the good basic movements in. I must say, by mid round 4, row started to wear  me out though. How did... Read More

Rest Day: Easy 5K – Got Muscles Movings

Tuesday, 3/22, Rest Day I avoid working out more than 3 days in a row. Nonetheless, it is important to keep moving our fannies. Body is not made to do nothing. It was a great way to see the sun... Read More

Shoulders Watch

Lots of shoulder on 3/16/16 WOD…went light to minimize chances of damaging more of my ‘goods’ while getting a good workout. Gotta save shoulders for volleyball  🙂  How did you move your fanny? Mins 1 & 2: 200m Run +... Read More

Moved Your Fanny? Thrusters, Row, DUs

Whatever rocks your boat…just don’t STOP moving your fanny. Our bodies weren’t made to sit all day. Best for metabolism and fat burning is to incorporate bursts throughout the day. Warmed up with front squats then moved to the WOD,... Read More

Thrusters are back, 2/25

How did you move your fanny? Share here. Reintroduced another overhead movement…thrusters, light and in line with road to recovery.  3 roundsRow 500m15 GHD sit ups21 Box Jumps (20in) Rest for a few minutes and :10min EMOMEven min: 08 Toes To... Read More