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My 23rd Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me!!! Today, July 2nd 2019 I celebrate 23 years in Atlanta, GA and in the United States. I will also take the opportunity to wish America, Happy...... Read More

Tenacity or Stupidity

In today’s Hump Day Energy Recharge, I am going to repurpose my virtual mentor, John Maxwell, talk about tenacity. As your friend and as a holistic coach and trainer, I...... Read More

Going Against The Grain?

***Before you and I get carried away, do not forget to register for tomorrow, 3/28/19, Join The Conversation Webinar Series with Caitlin Samson. Register HERE to join LIVE or catch...... Read More

What’s Wrong With You?

In today’s Hump Day Energy Recharge, we are going to talk about small steps you can make to take charge of your brain so you CAN change and sustain healthier...... Read More

Reinvent Yourself. It’s Valentine’s!

HaHa…Single peeps like myself celebrate Valentine’s too! My life took an unexpected huge turn on Valentine’s day evening of 2005. In hindsight, there is no doubt I’d have become who...... Read More

Make 2019 a Mind Blowing Year

In 2014, Avril Lavigne, was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a very complex autoimmune disease. Honestly, I do not follow her as an artist and had no idea until I came...... Read More

21:21 A Journey Of No Regrets

WOW to July 2, 2017! It is a big day. 21:21 a journey of no regrets – I have spent half of my lifetime in Brazil and the other half...... Read More

2016 Reflections. 2017 Inspiration.

I hope you had an amazing holiday season and were able to reflect upon 2016 accomplishments and growth opportunities. I am VERY EXCITED about 2017! I also hope 01/01/17 was...... Read More