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Weekly Digest – April 1-5: Alcoholism, Yoga, Food Toxicity, Fitness Accountability

In this edition of Be Fab – Be You’s Weekly Digest of April 1-5th, 2019, the most popular topics/posts along with attached articles, videos, strategies and tips I published on the Facebook Page included: Functional Alcoholics & Yoga 12 Step... Read More

Weekly Digest – March 25-29: Vision Health, Diabetes Prevention, Workouts

In this edition of Be Fab – Be You’s Weekly Digest of March 25-29th, 2019, the most popular topics/posts along with attached articles, videos, strategies and tips I published on the Facebook Page included: Saving Our Vision Diabetes Alert –... Read More

12 Days of Christmas 2017 Workout

In the Christmas spirit, I set Brian up for an exciting ’12 Days of Christmas’ workout. I recorded his last round. Watch this 55+ year-old man kill it! How do we go about completing the workout? Just like the song,... Read More

Be Fab – Be Moving! Hurt So Good!

Hello Wellness Warriors! Have you heard people who enjoy physical activity say “It hurt so good“? That was me on Monday, a day after steep and speedy 5.1 miles hike, and after yesterday’s 38:30min workout. 5 Rounds: 10 Pull-ups 10... Read More

Happy Gardening Exercise Day

Happy National Gardening Exercise Day! An added bonus of gardening? Not only do you get the fruits of your labor, but you also burn calories! NO EXCUSES. At work. At Home. Take The Step. We Come To You! BE MOVING, BE... Read More

Hiking Unicoi – Feel FAB

Unicoi Trail was different today! I love this trail. It’s physically demanding and packed nature. Today, it was different and for a few reasons. It rained yesterday and overnight. Birds were happy and chirping loud, air was fresher, fannies moved fast,... Read More

Friday 13th – Fannies Got Through

Jason Did NOT Kill Us. We Survived Friday The 13th! We survived a tough Friday 13th routine. Did you move your fanny? Aren’t we looking ‘awesome’ minutes after challenging our fannies? Kat wasn’t happy when I asked her to smile... Read More

Is Exercise Your Ticket To Weight Loss?

Exercise ≠ Weight Loss Ticket. Yet, Exercise = World’s Best Drug?!?! The notion that exercise is the ticket to the weight loss express still prevails. Unfortunately, looking at long-term studies, exercise does not drive weight as it ‘should’ (= as... Read More

Front vs. Back Squat

Moved my fanny with several movements, including front squats, and got a pretty good sweat within minutes. Completed the workout in 17:13 minutes. Considering that I was fasting and without food for 21 hours, timing wasn’t bad. 50 Calorie Row40... Read More

The Brazilian Fannies

Got my Brazilian girl Bruna to join me and got a 3rd mini workout in on 4/19/16. This vibrant young lady is also from Brazil. Sh is a pre-med student and has been working / studying hard. It was fun... Read More

Day 4 – Good Basics

Generally, I take day 4 off. I was feeling good and routine was basic, no weight lifting, so I got the good basic movements in. I must say, by mid round 4, row started to wear  me out though. How did... Read More

Prowler = Killer

Prowler push killed my good intentions of doing a short routine post workout. How did you move your fanny? The prowler, the killer, showed me no-no, as usual. Pushing a sled fires up the glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads. Lots of... Read More

Move Your Fanny With Diversity

Diversity is important to routines. Challenge the body and assure you allow body to recover with healthy and balanced nutrition, sleep, hydration. How did you move your fanny? Got a few movements today.10 min EMOM 01 Deadlift 195 lbs 20... Read More

Dirty 30 – 10 Fun Movements

Are for “DIRTY 30”? I got my fanny moving well on Monday, 4/11/16, with dynamic workout. I really enjoy these type and don’t like to miss them when on schedule. When I looked at the clock at minute 7 or... Read More

Moving My Fanny…Double For A Change Again

Moved my Fanny and got a double workout again. After completing a 38 hour and 20 hour fasting, food in the belly, recharged energy, felt like I could add another workout on top of 12 min AMRAP. Workout #1: 12 min... Read More